Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Summer Style

I've been looking for some new, and fun summer pieces. It's been crazy warm around here. But Texas weather, is generally warm. This year though, we've had some odd weather. You know, one day it feels like summer. The next day, it's cold as ever!
Maybe that's why, I've been yearning for some new summer staples. My closet needs a little "refreshing." And I've been searching through Polyvore and Pinterest a lot. A LOT!! Just ask Scott. He thinks I'm nuts! My closet is full. But I just feel like, there is nothing to wear....
I've been looking for something fun. With some color. But with some class. Polished. Yet perfect for summer. I think I found it, when I found this pin....
What do you think? I've got a similar handbag, and sunglasses. But those shoes, bangles, and blouse....I want them all!! The color screams summer to me. Just screams it! There's something ladylike about this outfit. Without being stuffy. But still fun. Now, where do I find all these pieces? ~V