Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: A Little Leopard

You don't even know, how long it took me to find this outfit. 8+ hours? A few days? I can't be certain. But it's taken a while....
I originally seen it, on my friend Lola's blog. Then I couldn't find it. Monday, I logged onto Pinterest at work. I had some "down time," between meetings. I seen this outfit on the first page that loaded. Then my browser window, just shut down....
I think I wanted to cry. Because I liked the look of the outfit. I knew that I wanted to show it to you. I wanted to try and recreate it. But how could I? I couldn't even find the pin....
Last night, I was talking to Lola. While trying to find an outfit, to blog about. When I got a happy little email. With this picture in it!!

This really isn't my typical style. But it looked so fun! I have a pair of leopard flats, from college. I NEVER wear them. Because I don't know what to wear them with. Like most women, I have a favorite pair of jeans. And some pretty gold jewelry.

I kept digging through my closet, and found a pretty red shirt. I'm a little ashamed to say, it still has the tags on it! I might have bought it on Black Friday. But I'm not certain.

I just have 1 piece to find. A leopard scarf. You know, it's what makes this outfit. And well, it gives me an excuse to go shopping tonight!!

What have you been inspired by lately? Is there a specific blog, Pinterest page, or Polyvore page that you love? Is there a designer, or store, that is inspiring you? I'd really like to hear all about your fashion adventures. ~V