Friday, April 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: The Perfect Palette

I have a few things, to be really happy about this week. One of the best things ever, I got to spend lots of time with one of my best friends. Oh Lola, I miss you so!! Her and her honey are in town this week. And they're my inspiration, for this post.
Well, not too long ago, Lola posted about the Shore to Sea dress. From Modcloth. She LOVES Modcloth. And it's not terribly priced. $55 for a cute dress. That can be worn from Spring to Summer. And it's right on trend, with color blocking.
Lola is also responsible, for introducing me to The Perfect Palette. Shortly after Scott and I got engaged, she told me I had to look at 2 places, for ideas. The Perfect Palette, and Pinterest. Both have been amazing help!!
I'm pretty sure that I've talked about The Perfect Palette before. Because it's one of my labels. I truly adore this website. Not only did it help me, with my wedding planning. But it's a nice place, to go for inspiration. All the boards and palettes are just lovely!!
Back to this week's post. My friend is in town. And her love, invited us, to spend the weekend with them. Doing some "sporty" things. Which I know, will be fun!! They are one of the best couples, to spend time with!! In honor of Blue Eyes, and what he does, I give you "Blue and Green" inspiration!!

This dress, directly reminds me of Lola. This palette of Blue Eyes. I think it would be so fun, to completely recreate this look. At least for Sunday. Instead, I'm going to use this, as inspiration.

I'm thinking my kelly green blouse. It's got the same flowy character as this dress. With my cobalt blue jeans. And flats!! Did I mention? We are going to be walking all weekend. But it will be fun! I'm going to carry my green clutch. And search from some green or blue earrings. Maybe I'll find something similar to these. :)

This is going to be such a fun weekend! We've already done so many fun things this week, Met for breakfasts, dinners, and shopping. Lola and I have cooked, and baked together. We've also gone over some last minute wedding ideas and plans. Oh, I wish we lived closer!! I miss my friend so much. ~V