Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Summer Style

I've been looking for some new, and fun summer pieces. It's been crazy warm around here. But Texas weather, is generally warm. This year though, we've had some odd weather. You know, one day it feels like summer. The next day, it's cold as ever!
Maybe that's why, I've been yearning for some new summer staples. My closet needs a little "refreshing." And I've been searching through Polyvore and Pinterest a lot. A LOT!! Just ask Scott. He thinks I'm nuts! My closet is full. But I just feel like, there is nothing to wear....
I've been looking for something fun. With some color. But with some class. Polished. Yet perfect for summer. I think I found it, when I found this pin....
What do you think? I've got a similar handbag, and sunglasses. But those shoes, bangles, and blouse....I want them all!! The color screams summer to me. Just screams it! There's something ladylike about this outfit. Without being stuffy. But still fun. Now, where do I find all these pieces? ~V

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Treat....

Are you surprised? 4 posts. Just this week! That's a big change, from a few months ago. I guess it's just a sign, of the changes going on. Around here anyway. I've been trying to keep my blog updated. And fun. I hope I'm doing a good job!
Here at the hospital, we got 7 days in a row, off of work!! Can you believe that?? I decided to work 3 of those days. Just so I could take some time off, for our wedding. It's not that bad. I will still have a 4 day weekend. Scott and I, will still head out to visit family. It has actually turned into a blessing for all!
Our plans for Easter, are pretty simple. Nothing too complicated. A trip to our families' homes. A little time on the Ranch. A break from reality. Heck, I even volunteered to make breakfast, on Easter morning!!
It's been ridiculously slow around here. I'm the only RD, in the hospital. But our assistants are still working. So I'm not completely alone. And we don't have much work to do. What does that mean?? Lots of free time. And blog reading.
I found a new blog. White Lights on Wednesday. And this scrumptious recipe! Can you imagine Carrot Cake Pancakes on Easter morning??
Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought about carrot cake, as a cake for Easter. It's like those yummy coconut cakes, that my grandma makes. With the coconut dyed green. And jellybeans hidden all around. Yup. That's what I think of!
Maybe it's because the flavors are so crisp. Fresh. And light. Add in some cream cheese frosting, and yum! That's why I about jumped for joy, when I seen this recipe. It's all the bells and whistles, that a gal could ask for. Now to figure out, the rest of my menu, for Easter morning! ~V

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All I Can Say Is YUM!!

I seen this post last week. I was quickly skimming through, some of my favorite blogs. And I was on my lunch break. Not a whole lot of time to kill. So I bookmarked, the ones I thought I'd come back to.
About 5 minutes ago, I got off the phone with Lola. It was partially a work related call. Partially, let's catch up. Girl just had a birthday!!
Lola was telling me, how she started making treats for Easter. We're talking days here people. How did Easter come so quick?? And she mentioned Easter Bark. She's the "Queen of Bark!" At least in my book. Well, that got me thinking about this post again!!

How can I sneak out of work?? I want to make this! What's not to love?? White chocolate, M&Ms, sprinkles, coconut. Spring screams coconut to me!! Makes me think of the coconut grass cakes my grandma makes for Easter. With the jelly beans, placed in the middle of all that green coconut! :) I'm thinking....try this 2 ways.

One, like Lola. White chocolate, a little coconut, M&Ms, sprinkles, maybe some nuts. Then try some bark like Shay. But with a twist. Some chocolate, jelly beans, some fun sprinkles, and dyed green coconut (lots of it!) Yum! I just need the ingredients. The microwave is right here. Can 5pm get here any faster?? ~V

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What Happened to Grateful Belly??

I have a little secret. Yes, I'm a dietitian. But I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. Like CRAZY sweet tooth. It has a mind of it's own.
Some time last Spring, I found this delightful blog. Grateful Belly was loaded with recipes. More specifically, I was drawn to the sweet treats.
It's been a while since I last visited Grateful Belly. As in a few months. I haven't done a whole lot of blog reading lately. It really is a shame. But life has been pretty busy.
Today I was looking through Pinterest. Looking for something fun to make. For Easter. It's just around the corner. And I wanted to make something fun, to take home. I found this pin....
I almost squealed in delight. No lie! Until, I clicked on the link. And there was nothing there. No Grateful Belly. Just some dumb message from Google. Saying the blog name was available. Boo!

I wasn't satisfied. I went through my bookmarks and starting clicking away. No luck! I did a search on Google. Nothing. Where did Grateful Belly go?? Does anyone know? I really liked a whole lot of the recipes and methods, on that blog. I could kick myself for not printing more of those pages.... ~V

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: A Splash of Green

This week, I took a day off of work. Today. Scott and I, decided we needed a day together. A bit of a "Date Day." Life has been so stressful lately, and we just needed to reconnect. Scott took the reins, and planned our entire day. I have no idea, what we're doing. Just that I need to be dressed comfortably.
Being that St. Patty's Day, is on Sunday, I've been thinking about all things green. I spent a bit of time, in the last 2 weeks, looking for green outfits. And I found one, that I really liked. That wasn't your traditional, St. Patty's Day outfit.
In fact, I'm really in love with this. Again, I had the jeans. And my favorite black sweater. It's thin and light. Perfect for this time of year! The rest, well I needed a little help there. While I was looking for this scarf last week, I decided to look for a few pieces for this outfit too.

I found the perfect zebra print flats, at Target! And I picked up a lime green scarf there too. As far as the clutch, and earrings....I headed to Forever 21. I found the perfect clutch, that matches my scarf perfectly! And I picked up some simple silver earrings. They just felt more like my style. Not too over the top.

With all that shopping, and preparing, you would have thought I would wear this outfit today. Nope! I decided to save it for Sunday. We're headed to a St. Patty's Day dinner, with some of our friends. What will you be wearing on Sunday? ~V

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bible

Have you been watching The Bible? I wasn't going to start watching it. I was hearing all the hype. And just thought it was some Hollywood stuff. But then, I watched it. After talking to Lola, she got me thinking. It can't be too bad. Let me give it a try....

And now I'm hooked! As in, I look forward to Sunday nights. Why? To see what's going to happen next. I mean, we all know the story of the bible. But this mini movie, well it just brings it to life. Makes all those things, we've learned over time, real.

There have been parts, when I cry. I'm on the edge of my seat. Where I feel like I'm really there. It has been such a blessing!! And because of Scott and I's new "turn" with religion....I think I've been way more emotional than normal!!
In case you don't know, Scott and I were both raised as Christians. We came from a small Ranching Community. And this is just the way of life. When we went to college, we went to a small town. In a neighboring state. But still in a small town.
Our new friends, were mostly Catholics. And the more time we spent with them, the more we would attend church with them. Then we moved. We continued to worship, in our Christian community. But we were missing something. Something was missing. And we prayed.
Little by little, we found ourselves yearning for more. With all the challenges that our wedding has brought, we prayed more. And we ultimately found ourselves here. Becoming Catholics. Taking an extra year, to "become a true Catholic." All before we were married. It's been an emotional road. But one, that I'm glad we've walked.
Scott and I, have turned these Sundays, into "Date Nights." We cook a yummy dinner together. And get ready to watch. We look forward to the upcoming episodes. We pre-ordered the DVD. And The Bible has encouraged much more conversation. Much more prayer. And a new intimacy, with the man I love! ~V

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: A Little Leopard

You don't even know, how long it took me to find this outfit. 8+ hours? A few days? I can't be certain. But it's taken a while....
I originally seen it, on my friend Lola's blog. Then I couldn't find it. Monday, I logged onto Pinterest at work. I had some "down time," between meetings. I seen this outfit on the first page that loaded. Then my browser window, just shut down....
I think I wanted to cry. Because I liked the look of the outfit. I knew that I wanted to show it to you. I wanted to try and recreate it. But how could I? I couldn't even find the pin....
Last night, I was talking to Lola. While trying to find an outfit, to blog about. When I got a happy little email. With this picture in it!!

This really isn't my typical style. But it looked so fun! I have a pair of leopard flats, from college. I NEVER wear them. Because I don't know what to wear them with. Like most women, I have a favorite pair of jeans. And some pretty gold jewelry.

I kept digging through my closet, and found a pretty red shirt. I'm a little ashamed to say, it still has the tags on it! I might have bought it on Black Friday. But I'm not certain.

I just have 1 piece to find. A leopard scarf. You know, it's what makes this outfit. And well, it gives me an excuse to go shopping tonight!!

What have you been inspired by lately? Is there a specific blog, Pinterest page, or Polyvore page that you love? Is there a designer, or store, that is inspiring you? I'd really like to hear all about your fashion adventures. ~V

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: Neon

A few months ago, I came across this fun picture on Pinterest. I LOVED it! Something about the neon colors. They weren't obnoxious neons. But fun colors. Something that made me smile.
I adored the simplicity of the outfit. With a fun mix of colors. Something about this outfit, just screams fun! Warm weather. And girl "go get you come of those pants!!"
This past weekend, I went shopping. With my sister. I told her I wanted to buy some fun pieces. Something I wouldn't normally wear. I wanted something fun, and a bit trendy. My sister thought I was nuts!!

The entire time, I had this picture in mind. In October or November, I bought some really fun high heels at Target. They're not quite this bright. But still a fun play, on this look. I really wanted some pants, that are this color. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I couldn't find anything, this bright. Not at Target or Forever 21. Where I generally find my "fun clothes."

I did buy a pair of fuchsia jeans. So fun!! They are a bit longer, than these jeans. But still nice and skinny. I also got a cute clutch. Hello Target! In a aqua color. I have my outfit, laying out on the bed. It looks so cute!

It's a slightly different color palette. But it works. For this "change in seasons." A little darker. But still so fun! I also bought some men's white t-shirts. Oh my goodness!! They are so comfy.

But on the top of my Wish List, is still a pair of these pants. I want something bright like this. Maybe it reminds me of being in 5th grade. Strutting around the playground. Loving all my crazy, colored clothes. That only my grandma could appreciate. Then again, in the middle of "Ranch Land," people didn't care what you wore. What the trends were. 99.9% of people, wore Wranglers or Rockies. With cowboy boots. And some sort of t-shirt.

Yes, I've always been one to stick out, in a crowd. But I don't care. As long as, I like what I'm wearing. Is anyone else like me? A bit of an "outlaw?" It's OK. We make life a little more interesting. ~V