Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: Pop of Orange

It's nearly Spring. Which means, Summer is not too far away. It may sound crazy, that I'm talking about Summer in February. But in Texas, we sort of "skip" lots of seasons. Mostly, it's just plain hot here!
With warm weather, I always think of a few key items. Shorts, sandals, and a navy striped shirt. I know, that's pretty random. But I always think of navy stripes, when I think of Summer. And recently, all I can think of, is Summer. Maybe our "heatwave," has a little something to do with that.
But it's too early, even for me, to pull out the navy, white, and red. That combination just screams "Summer" holidays to me! I'm not quite that ready for Summer. Not yet. But navy and orange? I can do that!

I first seen this combination on Lola's blog. In the form of a nursery! I know. How random. But I remember, I really liked it. And I was determined to look for something similar. In terms of clothing. Yes, I found it! What do you think?

I can see this working. Even right now. Just with a little modification. I'm thinking an orange scarf, with a navy blazer. No necklace. That will dress it up a bit. But also make it "seasonally" appropriate. Even here in Texas, I feel weird walking around, without a jacket. I don't care how warm, the weatherman says it is!

Do you ever get inspired, by random pictures? Certain color combinations? Or "out of season" pieces? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Now I'm off to go dig out my orange flats. And contemplate a trip to Charming Charlie. I need some orange bangles and earrings. ~V

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: Precious Pink

This is week 2, of our Valentine's Day celebration. Don't be jealous of me. Honestly, for the last month, Scott has been away for almost 3 weeks. Work for him, has been so crazy! Both of us, are sort of exploring new possibilities in our careers. But it makes for a lot of complicated schedules.

Back to our little celebration. We decided to take some time off work. As in, we ran away from the city. And to our families' homes. Or as our "City Friends" like to say, out to the Ranch. It has been a blessing. With so much happening in the next few months, it's what we've needed!

Today is all about Scott and I. I've packed us lots of snacks. And a picnic lunch. Perfect for 2!! We are headed out on the horses. And I needed something comfy, to go with our day. Hello Pinterest!! I come calling. And you answer so perfectly!!

I wanted to go with something very casual. But still put together. Something I knew, I could go riding in, enjoy a picnic, and some running around. Not an easy task. I know!! But I think this outfit, hits all the marks.
Of course, all "County Gals" own comfy jeans. I didn't have to worry about this. And a white's just a basic staple. I've got a few comfy, and stylish ones! The pink and white chevron scarf, was actually a Valentine's Day present from Lola! What a great friend she is!!
Before leaving the city, I made sure to paint my nails, a perfect pink color. It also went well with my Valentine's Day dress. I brought out my brown baubles from last week. With a brown belt.
Then I took a little detour. I knew what our plans, for the day were. So I needed to modify this outfit a bit. I brought my brown leather jacket, from last week. And my pink cowboy boots. Yes, I have a pair! No, I didn't buy them for myself. But I'm so glad I have them! Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! ~V

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Chocolate Brown

Is anyone else disappointed, that Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year? Maybe it's just me. But I'm really not feeling it. To make up for it, and the fact that Scott has been working nonstop. Hundreds of miles away. We're going to celebrate. For 2 weekends!!

For one of my outfits, I wanted something I could wear out, while we are shopping. But that is still nice enough, for a dinner date. Maybe something I could layer. Is anyone else experiencing this odd weather? Really, I don't remember it ever being this....well indecisive. So here is my inspiration.

I think the idea is so fun! Comfy jeans....check! A flirty eyelet blouse....check. Mine is more of a long tunic, with more of a tank top sleeve. Brown leather jacket....check, check, check!! I have lots of brown accessories from Charming Charlie! Are you getting the picture here? It's one of my favorite places to shop. For the baubles!

I've got a plain tan scarf. That I'm just going to drape. I think it will give the same effect. And I have some cute tan shoes. Not a flat. But not too much of a heel. Perfect for a little date. Oh, and my bag. My favorite brown bag, will be perfect!!

Honestly, I think it will be a fun outfit. To go with an equally fun day. Scott and I are planning on heading to the Farmers' Market. Then a little shopping around the city. And a casual dinner. Maybe something fun after. Secretly, I'm hoping he planned a Bowling Night. We haven't done that in forever!! ~V

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: Comfort

This has been such a fun week! Actually, it's opened my eyes to a whole new world. Not to sound too cheesy. But this week, got me thinking. Of the things I could be doing. Career wise. If I looked in another direction.

I adore working, in the hospital setting. But I don't always feel like I'm being "heard." Or even like I really have a positive influence, on the lives' of my patients. I would like to meet people, before they were sick. Not when they are in the hospital, and forced on a new diet....

But let's look past that. I'll continue to weigh the pros and cons. But for this post, it's all about comfort. All week, I've been so comfortable at work! So comfy. It's not even funny!! But I still feel "put together." I wanted this same feeling, for the weekend. I'm meeting some friends, for some wedding stuff. And I really wanted to feel comfortable.

What can I say? Pinterest came to the rescue again! Thank goodness!! I remembered this pin, from a few months ago. And how much I adored the look. It was so put together. But comfy. Perfect for the chilly weather. :)

Can we begin with the palette? I adore it! The soft hues. It's so ladylike. Classic. And chic. Something that is super easy, to replicate. In fact, I think this would be a nice outfit, to wear for a casual Valentine's Day date.

Well, I'm not a huge fan of the torn jeans, I like the shape, and wash of these jeans. Actually, I own 2 similar pairs. Just not torn. And no, I won't be cutting up my jeans....

You see that sweater? I might just be that woman, who has 2 drawers, of similar sweaters. Why? Because they're comfy! And I saved them from my days in college. :) And that tunic, I just bought 3. In a similar shape. But different colors. Black, this dusty pink, and a dusty lavender. They are super comfy!

And thanks to my love of accessories, I just have to pick out my favorite pink scarf, flats, bag, and bracelets....from my own closet. We're not going to talk about my collection of accessories. Just know, I never spend too much money on them. I frequent Charming Charlie, Target, Forever 21, The Icing, Payless etc. I don't like to spend too much money, on things like this. But they are always fun, to add character, into an outfit! ~V