Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday: Neon

A few months ago, I came across this fun picture on Pinterest. I LOVED it! Something about the neon colors. They weren't obnoxious neons. But fun colors. Something that made me smile.
I adored the simplicity of the outfit. With a fun mix of colors. Something about this outfit, just screams fun! Warm weather. And girl "go get you come of those pants!!"
This past weekend, I went shopping. With my sister. I told her I wanted to buy some fun pieces. Something I wouldn't normally wear. I wanted something fun, and a bit trendy. My sister thought I was nuts!!

The entire time, I had this picture in mind. In October or November, I bought some really fun high heels at Target. They're not quite this bright. But still a fun play, on this look. I really wanted some pants, that are this color. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I couldn't find anything, this bright. Not at Target or Forever 21. Where I generally find my "fun clothes."

I did buy a pair of fuchsia jeans. So fun!! They are a bit longer, than these jeans. But still nice and skinny. I also got a cute clutch. Hello Target! In a aqua color. I have my outfit, laying out on the bed. It looks so cute!

It's a slightly different color palette. But it works. For this "change in seasons." A little darker. But still so fun! I also bought some men's white t-shirts. Oh my goodness!! They are so comfy.

But on the top of my Wish List, is still a pair of these pants. I want something bright like this. Maybe it reminds me of being in 5th grade. Strutting around the playground. Loving all my crazy, colored clothes. That only my grandma could appreciate. Then again, in the middle of "Ranch Land," people didn't care what you wore. What the trends were. 99.9% of people, wore Wranglers or Rockies. With cowboy boots. And some sort of t-shirt.

Yes, I've always been one to stick out, in a crowd. But I don't care. As long as, I like what I'm wearing. Is anyone else like me? A bit of an "outlaw?" It's OK. We make life a little more interesting. ~V