Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: A Splash of Green

This week, I took a day off of work. Today. Scott and I, decided we needed a day together. A bit of a "Date Day." Life has been so stressful lately, and we just needed to reconnect. Scott took the reins, and planned our entire day. I have no idea, what we're doing. Just that I need to be dressed comfortably.
Being that St. Patty's Day, is on Sunday, I've been thinking about all things green. I spent a bit of time, in the last 2 weeks, looking for green outfits. And I found one, that I really liked. That wasn't your traditional, St. Patty's Day outfit.
In fact, I'm really in love with this. Again, I had the jeans. And my favorite black sweater. It's thin and light. Perfect for this time of year! The rest, well I needed a little help there. While I was looking for this scarf last week, I decided to look for a few pieces for this outfit too.

I found the perfect zebra print flats, at Target! And I picked up a lime green scarf there too. As far as the clutch, and earrings....I headed to Forever 21. I found the perfect clutch, that matches my scarf perfectly! And I picked up some simple silver earrings. They just felt more like my style. Not too over the top.

With all that shopping, and preparing, you would have thought I would wear this outfit today. Nope! I decided to save it for Sunday. We're headed to a St. Patty's Day dinner, with some of our friends. What will you be wearing on Sunday? ~V