Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bible

Have you been watching The Bible? I wasn't going to start watching it. I was hearing all the hype. And just thought it was some Hollywood stuff. But then, I watched it. After talking to Lola, she got me thinking. It can't be too bad. Let me give it a try....

And now I'm hooked! As in, I look forward to Sunday nights. Why? To see what's going to happen next. I mean, we all know the story of the bible. But this mini movie, well it just brings it to life. Makes all those things, we've learned over time, real.

There have been parts, when I cry. I'm on the edge of my seat. Where I feel like I'm really there. It has been such a blessing!! And because of Scott and I's new "turn" with religion....I think I've been way more emotional than normal!!
In case you don't know, Scott and I were both raised as Christians. We came from a small Ranching Community. And this is just the way of life. When we went to college, we went to a small town. In a neighboring state. But still in a small town.
Our new friends, were mostly Catholics. And the more time we spent with them, the more we would attend church with them. Then we moved. We continued to worship, in our Christian community. But we were missing something. Something was missing. And we prayed.
Little by little, we found ourselves yearning for more. With all the challenges that our wedding has brought, we prayed more. And we ultimately found ourselves here. Becoming Catholics. Taking an extra year, to "become a true Catholic." All before we were married. It's been an emotional road. But one, that I'm glad we've walked.
Scott and I, have turned these Sundays, into "Date Nights." We cook a yummy dinner together. And get ready to watch. We look forward to the upcoming episodes. We pre-ordered the DVD. And The Bible has encouraged much more conversation. Much more prayer. And a new intimacy, with the man I love! ~V