Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: Pop of Orange

It's nearly Spring. Which means, Summer is not too far away. It may sound crazy, that I'm talking about Summer in February. But in Texas, we sort of "skip" lots of seasons. Mostly, it's just plain hot here!
With warm weather, I always think of a few key items. Shorts, sandals, and a navy striped shirt. I know, that's pretty random. But I always think of navy stripes, when I think of Summer. And recently, all I can think of, is Summer. Maybe our "heatwave," has a little something to do with that.
But it's too early, even for me, to pull out the navy, white, and red. That combination just screams "Summer" holidays to me! I'm not quite that ready for Summer. Not yet. But navy and orange? I can do that!

I first seen this combination on Lola's blog. In the form of a nursery! I know. How random. But I remember, I really liked it. And I was determined to look for something similar. In terms of clothing. Yes, I found it! What do you think?

I can see this working. Even right now. Just with a little modification. I'm thinking an orange scarf, with a navy blazer. No necklace. That will dress it up a bit. But also make it "seasonally" appropriate. Even here in Texas, I feel weird walking around, without a jacket. I don't care how warm, the weatherman says it is!

Do you ever get inspired, by random pictures? Certain color combinations? Or "out of season" pieces? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Now I'm off to go dig out my orange flats. And contemplate a trip to Charming Charlie. I need some orange bangles and earrings. ~V