Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday: Something New

Next week, I'm going to be doing a little "Community Nutrition" education. Pretty much, I'll be teaching at various places, around the city. I'll be teaching healthy eating, to a few groups of teens. And diabetic cooking classes, to some families.
This generally means "dressing down." I definitely don't have to be as dressed up, as I am for work at the hospital. But still "put together." I mean, I can't go in sweats. But a full suit or dress and blazer....they just don't have a place in these activities.
I took to Pinterest. I needed a little help. And I definitely wanted to try a few new ideas. That's what lead me here....
What do you think? I like this. Really like this! I've got a few cardigans. OK, a ton! But they are a staple in my "work wardrobe." And a cardigan really does dress up, any outfit! I'm thinking I can wear some dark jeans, a similar colored cardigan, and my black and white polka dot blouse. It will give a similar look. Without me having to go shopping. :)

The idea of the belt, makes me smile. It's unexpected. But so fun! My metallic flats, will appreciate being worn out. Am I the only one, that wears their shoes in the house? And only in the house. I know. I am a bit weird!

One outfit down. Four more to go. Outfits like this, will make it easy to run around, still look "pulled together," and allow me to cook. This is going to be a fun week! ~V